Need the Right Diamond Blade? Look for These Features

Date: 05-10-2018


Selecting the correct tools is directly linked to the cost and quality of a cutting project. The right diamond tools help you complete the job in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner, while the wrong choice result in additional costs and downtime.

One of the essential tools needed for a cutting job is a diamond blade. Like a master chef that needs a variety of knives to prepare different dishes, you can’t rely on one type of blade to perform the same task for different types of material. When properly matched to its saw and cutting job, diamond blades cut efficiently and have a long service life.

Diamond blades come in various sizes and performance levels. Their costs vary widely depending on their quality and cutting capability. Although it may be tempting to buy a low-cost blade, it is wiser to buy a high-performance blade that is designed to last longer and provide you with an easy cutting job.

Here are four questions to consider when selecting the right diamond blade.

What Material Are You Cutting?

Whether its asphalt or concrete, it’s important to know what material you are going to cut. Knowing the type of aggregate within the material helps you find the blade that’s optimally suited to cut it. You can determine its aggregate by doing a Mohs test. This test helps identify the hardness of the aggregate, which determines what type of blade to use.

Most diamond blade manufacturers and suppliers specify the types of aggregates their blades are capable of cutting. This information helps you narrow your blade selection to the only blades that can cut the particular type of aggregate in your cutting job.

What Type of Saw Are You Using?

The type of saw affects your blade choice. All blades are designed to fit a specific saw and to be compatible at a certain speed range. Manufacturers usually provide information about the recommended operating speeds for optimal use of the blade.

The revolutions per minute (RPM) required to spin the blade depend on the equipment. If the blade is too slow or too fast, it will not work effectively, and excessive wear or a loss of tension on the blade can happen. Before using any blade, know the maximum safe speed in RPM at which your chosen blade can be used to prevent the blade from being damaged.

Do you Need a Dry or Wet Diamond Blade?

Dry-cutting diamond blades are only used for shallow cutting jobs that require a one to two inches deep cut. They are also suitable for step cutting jobs that involve making several shallow cuts to reach the full depth needed. Dry blades depend on the airflow around them to prevent excessive heat from building up during cutting.

Wet-cutting blades are always used with water to prevent too much heat from building up. Using water on the blade reduces hazardous dust from being produced while cutting a material. Using the blade without water, even for just a few seconds, will result in excessive heat build up, creating a safety hazard. When choosing the right blade, make sure to check if a dry or wet blade is suitable for your job.

How Deep Do I Need to Cut the Material?

Being aware of how deep you need to cut on a particular job helps you choose the right diameter of the blade. Most manufacturers state a maximum cutting depth of the blade, but the actual depth of the cuts differ slightly on a project based on the blade’s diameter and the equipment you’re using.

The Right Diamond Tool for You

The right diamond blade can mean the difference between a cost-effective, efficient and profitable cutting project and one with additional costs and downtime. Knowing how to choose the right blade for the job will save you time and money.

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