What Makes a Durable Diamond Blade?

Date: 07-10-2020


Diamond blades use friction between the blade and the material being cut to work just like an abrasive grinding wheel. However, when it comes to making clean cuts, diamond saw blades are more beneficial than abrasive wheels.

Here are the four major components that make a diamond saw blade durable:

Diamond Crystals - an important part to make a durable diamond blade

The diamond used in the sharp edge of the blade is synthetic or manufactured as opposed to a natural material. The synthetic diamond is used rather than natural diamond since its key characteristics such as size, durability and crystal shape can be controlled through the manufacturing process. Controlling the key characteristics of the diamond enables prolonged blade life and accurate prediction of cutting speed.

Metal Bond

The metal bond is a mix of metal powders used in various configurations to achieve specific wear rates. A well-formulated metal bond holds the diamond crystals in place. There are two kinds of metal bonds: soft and hard bonds. Soft bonds are made up of soft metals such as bronze. Diamond blades with soft metal bonds are used for cutting less abrasive materials like porcelain. On the other hand, diamond blades with hard metal bonds are made up of hard metals such as tungsten carbide. These blades are usually used to cut soft materials such as fresh concrete and asphalt. 

Diamond Edge

To form the diamond edge, both the crystals and the metal bond mix are heated, shaped and placed to the blade's core. The edges are attached to the core through sintering, brazing or a laser welding process. The diamond edge can be made to various configurations such as serrated, segmented or continuous rim. Diamond edges are wider than the blade's core to reduce damage on the blade and decrease the chances of the blade binding with the material being cut.

Steel Core

A diamond blade's steel core is the round flat metal disc that supports the edge. It is usually made of a high alloy, heat-treated steel that's tensioned to enable the blade to turn easily on the arbor hole. The core is also made to reduce high pressure caused by the force and impact when cutting dense materials.

Use The Right Diamond Blade

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