ALLTRIM geometric angles for high walls at Angel Place

Date: 10-12-2020

ALLTRIM geometric angles by Amark Group were used to mechanically fix tiles to the high walls of Angel Place at 123 Pitt Street, Sydney to ensure a safe and smooth finish to the lobby’s interiors.  

ALLTRIM angles for high walls

Walking through the new curved door of Angel Place, visitors are greeted with a grandeur lobby lined with high walls and large tiles. A combination of materials including granite, sandstone and a feature wall made from rosso marble tiles created an interior that is both opulent and modern.

The recent major lobby upgrade was to modernise both the interior and exterior of Angel Place lobby. It included the full demolition of the front facade and entrance which was replaced with curved entry doors and upgraded new stone walls and floor. 

Large tiles in various sizes lined the walls, ranging from narrower tiles near the floor leading up to larger tiles opening to the ceiling, delivering a visually pleasing and smooth transition between the floor to the ceiling.  

However, installing these tiles is a challenging task considering the weight of larger format tiles and the height of the lobby walls. Amark Group’s ALLTRIM Geometric angles were specified to be mechanically fixed as a part of the wall preparation process to help support the tiles.

What are mechanical fixed angles?

Mechanical fixing is done by fixing metal angles into the wall substrate using suitable screws or bolts at frequent intervals across and up the wall. The tiles when installed will rest on these angles for additional weight support. Metal angle is often used for this purpose due to its strength and durability.

Mechanical fixing is a common practice when there is a real concern that adhesive alone is not enough to safely secure tiles to a wall. This is often used when installing large format and heavy tiles on walls, or when there are tiles that need to be installed 3 metres or higher above ground level, which is in the case for the walls at Angel Place.

Amark Group’s ALLTRIM Geometric Angles were specified to use in this project. A solid metal profile, geometric angles protect the edges of the tiles, and when mechanically fixed, they also help holding up the tiles and providing additional safety support to the high walls.

Angel Place – an ideal modern office building

Completed in 2001 and with the recent lobby and entrance upgrade, Angel Place is a 35 storey A Grade office building situated in the most eclectic and exciting precincts of Sydney’s CBD. The main entrance to the building is on Pitt Street, with secondary frontages to Ash Street and Angel Place.

Renowned for its timeless architecture and thoughtful design, the renovated Angel Place also included a bookable workspace that accommodates private meetings and mobile working, and a function space for large board meetings and training seminars. With a concierge service operated by Accor Group, Angel Place is a true prime commercial building with a premium level of service and convenience.

Amark Group – expert in architectural tile trim.

If you need architectural tile trims, whether they are for an aesthetic finish, or for a particular performance purposes such as mechanical tile fixing, Amark Group has just the right products for you.

Our tile trims were designed after extensive market research, and offer style, function, and durability. Contact us on 1800 804 297 or send us an online enquiry. One of our experienced consultants is always available to talk to you. 

Angel Place, Pitt Street, Sydney

 ALLTRIM architectural angles for high walls at Angel Place Sydney

ALLTRIM architectural angles for high walls at Angel Place Sydney

 ALLTRIM architectural angles for high walls at Angel Place Sydney

 ALLTRIM architectural angles for high walls at Angel Place Sydney

ALLTRIM architectural angles for high walls at Angel Place Sydney

ALLTRIM architectural angles for high walls at Angel Place Sydney