No Stress, No Lippage: Tiling Tools for Beautiful, Perfectly Levelled Tiles

Date: 29-07-2019


As a professional tiler, you contribute in many ways to the completion of a successful project. You interpret drawings, set out and measure, prepare surfaces, group and lay tiles in patterns and then finish to the standards expected by your clients. For all of these to fall into place, you need good planning, precision and efficient tiling tools to ensure the project's success.

While there is a wide variety of tools available in the market, there are two pieces of tiling equipment that are vital to achieving beautiful and even tiles.

Tile Spacers: Maintain Straight and Uniform Joints

For a long time, tilers were using nails, ropes, and screws to keep tiles at an appropriate distance from each other during installation projects. These tools were often ineffective and hard to work with, making the job challenging and cumbersome. Thankfully, Bob Jobs invented tile spacers in the 1950s, innovative pieces of equipment that ensure uniform spacing between the placement of tiles.

Until today, tile spacers are the most effective and convenient tools to set the proper distance between tiles. Here are some of the ways that they make tiling projects more polished, even and professional-looking.

  • Create even grout lines

It doesn't matter if you worked hard to measure and prep the surface before installation. The final result will appear messy and unprofessional if the grout lines are uneven.

Tile spacers are excellent in making sure that the grout lines are well-proportioned and uniform, allowing you to keep them at equal distance.

  • Ensure the uniformity of tiles

When just one of the tile slate is off-centre, you jeopardise the entire layout's appearance. Spacers help guarantee the precise alignment of wall and floor tiles, making it easy to achieve a uniform and even look throughout. With spacers, you won't risk setting tiles at the centre of the surface further apart than the ones at the edge of the floor.

  • Improve the durability of tile surface

Professional tilers know that every tiling project is unique and even an expert eye can't observe all the subtleties of the surface. When you place the tiles too close together, you risk damaging the material when the slates expand.

Spacers enable you to determine the proper and exact distance you need to leave between tiles. This makes the surface safer and more durable than if you were to estimate the tile placement.

Tile Levelling Systems: Preventing Lippage

As a professional tiler, tile lippage is one of the worst things that can happen to your project. Not only is the difference in height between the edges of the tiles visually unappealing, but they are also potential tripping hazards.

How do you ensure that the floor is as smooth and even as possible? You use floor or wall tile levelling systems. Due to its design, a tile levelling system interlocks the tiles, smoothing out the surface while the thinset dries. The interlocking design also reduces the installation time by eliminating the need to lift the tiles for additional thinset.

A complete tile levelling system consists of three main components: caps, strips and pliers. These elements work together to prevent the tiles from moving when the compound is setting in. You can use them on thin tiles, rectified floor tiles, rectified wall tiles and large-format tiles.

Achieve Beautiful and Even Tiles with Amark Group

With tile spacers and tile levelling systems, you virtually eliminate lippage and decrease callbacks due to poor tile installation. At Amark Group, we have a range of high-quality tiling tools that achieve perfect installations for all tile-covered surfaces. Our team of experts have carefully selected the products from world-leading brands, competitively priced without compromising on product quality and customer service.

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