Architectural Tile Trims by Amark Group

Date: 05-Feb-2020



Trims make all the difference in delivering a professionally done project. And when it comes to giving a tiling job an architectural finish, Amark Group is the name to trust. Having the most comprehensive tiling product range, Amark Group is a leading architectural tile trim supplier in Australia.

Architectural Tile Trims from Amark Group

Amark Group's range of architectural tile trims is made with quality materials and manufactured with stringent quality control standards. They were designed after extensive market research to satisfy the most demanding applications.

We have architectural trims for public and high traffic areas and indoor and outdoor applications, available in a range of profiles and complex shapes as well as designer colours.

Our tile trims are made from stainless steel, aluminium, brass and high-grade plastics, offering style, function and durability. From flat bars to round and square-edged trims, our range of products gives projects a level of sophistication that spells out high value. With our commitment to providing the best products, each of our trims is hand-picked for their quality and performance and sourced from trusted manufacturers.

Our trims have been specified and installed in numerous architectural projects, including The Ribbon building in Darling Harbour, Sydney T2 Domestic Terminal and Arthur Phillip High School in Parramatta. 

Secure Amark Group Solutions

With Amark Group, you can take advantage of our manufacturer and supplier network to expand your business’ product portfolio or cost-effectively finish your project.

Download our product catalogue and see our buyers’ guide to help you decide on the items that you need to purchase.

You can also register to become one of our distributors and enjoy the exclusive convenience we offer our members. Shop and restock items with ease, keep track of your purchases and stay up-to-date regarding the status of your orders.

For architects, builders and contractors interested in our products, our distributors would gladly take care of your needs. Simply go to our Stockists Page and input your suburb or postcode.

Offering delivery excellence, we ensure that our clients receive their orders on schedule. Based in NSW, we can deliver your purchased items the very next day if you place your order before 12 noon. And if you are in the Sydney Metro, we offer a 4hr, 2hr and direct courier services.

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